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STARTER includes access to the Buyers and Sellers conversation flows.  This version is perfect for agents with smaller budgets. 




(Paid Monthly)

  • $995 Setup Fee
  • Facebook + Website
  • First 1,000 Users
  • Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
  • Buyers and Sellers



PRO includes the Buyers, Sellers, and Referrals conversation flows.  Referrals are a major source of income for most agents!




(Paid ​Monthly)

  • $1,295 Setup Fee
  • Facebook + Website
  • First 1,000 Users
  • ​Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
  • Buyers, Sellers, Referrals

ULTIMATE includes all conversations flows: Buyers, Sellers, Referrals, Commercial, Property Management, and Investors.




(Paid ​Monthly)

  • $1,795 Setup Fee
  • Facebook + Website
  • First 1,000 Users
  • ​Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
  • All Conversation Flows!

Additional Reachable Users

For 1,000 reachable users and beyond!





Up to 1,000
(everyone starts here!)




1,001 - 2,000




2,001 - 5,000




5,001 - 10,000




10,001 - 15,000




15,001 - 20,000




20,001 - 25,000




Expecting 25,000+

What is a reachable user?

A reachable user is a user that has interacted with your chatbot on Facebook or Facebook Messenger.

This includes people who find your chatbot on Facebook and interact with it.  People who have already liked or followed your Facebook Business Page are not considered reachable users.

People who have already liked or followed your page can only become a reachable user by starting an interaction with your chatbot for the first time.

How many reachable users will I start out with?

Every Facebook chatbot start out with 0 reachable users.  Once your RealtyChatbot is built, we will connect it to your Facebook Business Page so that visitors will begin seeing the option to interact with your chatbot.  As soon as someone interacts with your bot, they will become a reachable user.

Over time your number of reachable users will grow as more people interact with your RealtyChatbot.  There are lots of other ways to grow your number of reachable users, which we can help you do!

What does the one-time setup fee cover?

The one-time setup fee covers the following:

  • Building Your Chatbot
  • Configuring Lead Routing Based on Email Addresses You Provide
  • Connecting Your Chatbot to Your Facebook Business Page
  • Connecting Your Chatbot to Your Personal Website*
  • Adding Custom Photos to Your Conversation Flow Responses 
  • Testing Your Chatbot
  • Setting Up User Accounts for Your RealtyChatbot Dashboard

*If your personal website is built on WordPress, connecting your bot to your website is included with your one-time setup fee.

There is an additional $149 one-time fee for connecting your RealtyChatbot to non-WordPress sites due to the extra steps our tech team has to take in order to integrate with custom websites.  Please note the $149 fee is waived if you already have a web developer who can implement the changes on your behalf.

What does the monthly subscription cover?

Your monthly subscription covers:

  • The RealtyChatbot service based on your plan and number of reachable users.
  • Customer Support
  • New features and A.I. logic that are available to all users.
  • Access to the RealtyChatbot Dashboard and past chat history.

What is the RealtyChatbot dashboard?

Your RealtyChatbot dashboard is where you can do the following:

  • View chats in real-time.
  • View a history of all past chats, including the answers provided by your leads.
  • Takeover active chats from your bot so that you can chat with users yourself (if desired).
  • Give access to certain features of your chatbot to other team members and 3rd-party contractors like marketing agencies.
  • Manage your chatbot marketing campaigns that are connected to Facebook and Instagram via Facebook Ads Manager.

Can my staff or team members access the RealtyChatbot dashboard?

Of course!  In fact we have 2 different access levels depending on what you want to give people access to:

  • Live-Chat Operator - users with this access level can chat with your users in real time.  They can also access your People tab and see reachable users.
  • Marketer - users with this access level can send broadcasts to your reachable users and send personal messages to reachable users.

Can I edit my chatbot's conversation flows?

We can make changes on your behalf via our chatbot customization service!

There are several reasons we don't give customers access to their core bot settings:

  1. Changes can't be rolled back easily.
  2. Even small changes can have unintended consequences to the conversation flows and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) features of your chatbot.
  3. Thousands of hours of testing and planning has gone into the development of RealtyChatbot, so the conversational structure and features are quite complex.
  4. If you do something that accidentally disconnects your bot from Facebook, you could lose all of your reachable users and chat history.

Some minor changes can be made free of charge, but complex features and customizations are a paid service that require the expertise of our chatbot engineering team.

If you'd like a quote for a custom conversation flow or extensive changes you can request it here.

Do I have to sign a contract or minimum time commitment?

Nope!  You can cancel your RealtyChatbot subscription at any time for any reason...but we would be very sorry to see you go.

All customers are required to agree to our Terms of Service before signing up, just like with any technology company.

Setup fees, custom design work, and monthly subscription fees are non-refundable.

Also, if you discontinue your service your chatbot will be disconnected from your Facebook Business page (and website) and you will lose access to all of your reachable users.  (This is because we are selling you access to the RealtyChatbot service...not the bot itself or any of the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) features which would cost LOTS of money to replicate on your own.)