Privacy Policy


By accessing the website (herein referred to as the “Service”) or purchasing a chatbot (herein referred to as “Chatbot”) provided by DCTS Corp. doing business as (herein referred to as the “Company”), you (herein referred to as the “User”) are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions (herein referred to as the “Privacy Policy”).

Privacy Policy – Third-Party Partners

  1. User acknowledges that Company does not store User credit card numbers, expiration dates, or CVV codes on Company servers.  Only our third-party payment and credit card processing companies have access to this sensitive information.
  2. User grants Company permission to share certain User information and information that is collected by Chatbot with Third-Party Partners.  This allows the Chatbot to function properly and is primarily a reflection of how the technology functions since all of the code (including but not limited to open-source and privately-owned code libraries) powering User’s Chatbot is not owned by the Company.

Privacy Policy – Data Access & Collection

  1. User is required to grant Company the ability to connect Chatbot to User’s Facebook Business Page for activation and ongoing use of Chatbot.  This allows the Chatbot to communicate with people who interact with the Chatbot.  By linking User’s Facebook Business Page to the Chatbot, User is providing Company and Chatbot with access to personal information contained in the Facebook profiles of people who interact with the User’s chatbot.
  2. By using the Service or a Chatbot, User grants Company permission to collect information about User and people who interact with User’s Chatbot.  This information includes but is not limited to: IP Address, location information, device information, browser information, Facebook profile information, information contained in Chatbot chats, and other types of data that may be personally identifiable.
  3. Data collected by the Service and Chatbot may be kept by Company and Third-Party Partners in perpetuity.

Privacy Policy – Updates & Notifications

  1. User acknowledges and agrees that this Privacy Policy can be modified by Company without notice, at any time, for any reason, and that changes are effective immediately upon publication to this Privacy Policy located at  User also agrees to be bound by all legally enforceable changes to Privacy Policy regardless of when User initially purchased access to a Company provided Chatbot.  User’s continued use of the Service or Chatbot following any changes to this Privacy Policy shall constitute User’s consent to such changes.

Privacy Policy – Questions

  1. Questions about this Privacy Policy can be sent to Company by using the contact form.