Reach New Customers!

Promote Your Chatbot on Facebook

Add “Send Message” Button to Facebook Business PageThis is the easiest way to start automating your incoming leads while gaining reachable users. We will update the action button on your Facebook Business Page to the “Send Message” option.

Now, visitors who click the button will launch your chatbot and become a reachable user! When visitors type in their message your chatbot will email it to you instantly. Users will also have the option of performing other actions, like sending you referrals!

Integrate Facebook Messenger Chatbot with Your WebsiteWe can add a chat button to most websites that will allow people to interact with you Messenger chatbot. (WordPress is by far the easiest website platform to integrate with. If you have a really old website we probably can’t add a chatbot window to it.)

Please note that users must already be logged into Facebook or Facebook Messenger in order to engage with your website chatbot integration. Fortunately most people fall into this category!

FREE! (If using WordPress; $249 all others.)
Facebook Newsfeed Ad CampaignThe #1 way to gain new reachable users for your Realty Chatbot! Facebook Newsfeed Ad Campaigns allow us to use an engaging message that will prompt people in your community to start engaging with your bot.

As soon as someone starts interacting with your bot they become a reachable user. That means you can now reach these people using our broadcast services (see below for more information).

We have had great success with a number of approaches.

$499 Setup Fee for First Campaign, $249 Each Additional Campaign + Any Facebook Ad Expenses
Acquire Reachable Users from Facebook Post CommentersQuickly convert your social connections into reachable users!

Activating this feature enables your bot to automatically send users a private message when they comment on one of your Facebook Business Page posts.

We will work with you to craft a specific message for this type of interaction. This helps ensure people will have a positive first impression of your chatbot.

$249 one-time setup
Broadcast Message to All Reachable UsersNext time you have something important to say, consider broadcasting your message.

And if it’s really important – you should broadcast it to all of your reachable users. This is a great way to notify everyone by sending them a direct message from your chatbot on Facebook Messenger!

We can even schedule your broadcast to go out on a specific day and time! This gives you complete control over the timing of your marketing efforts. It’s easy to broadcast a message – just login to your account and click here to order your broadcast!

$35 per message creation
Broadcast Message to Custom Segment of Reachable UsersSimilar to above, but with precise user targeting. This service allows you to send a message on Facebook Messenger to members of your reachable audience that meet a specific criteria.

For example: you could send a message to every listing lead that has ever interacted with your chatbot. Or you could target only the buyer leads that have interacted within the past 30 days. The possibilities are endless!

$75 per message creation with Custom Audience Segment