Launches to Help Agents Automate Lead Generation and Response has launched a new real estate chatbot service to help busy agents automate their lead generation and response.

The Problem

Agents are living more stressful lives than ever.  One contributing factor is that buyers and sellers are extremely impatient these days.  This forces agents to stop whatever they are doing when a new leads arrives in an attempt to respond immediately.  Agents who don’t respond quickly enough risk losing the lead to another agent.

Another concerning trend can be found in the average response time required for successful lead conversion.  Leads that are not handled within 5 minutes are significantly less likely to respond to agent follow-ups, much less convert to a sale.

The Solution

Because of these issues, has developed a digital chatbot assistant that solves this work-life imbalance by giving agents back their most valuable asset: time.

Chatbots are automated computer programs that can automatically respond to leads and customer requests 24 hours per day. The fact that this happens instantly without human help makes chatbots an ideal fit for the real estate industry.  The bots reside on Facebook pages, Facebook Messenger, and can even be added to agent’s personal websites. has developed a chatbot that can respond to many of the most common buyer and seller requests. Once an agent’s chatbot has assessed the needs of a lead or existing client, it will automatically email the conversation details and contact information to the agent.

Automating Lead Response helps agents automatically respond to some of the most common buyer and seller requests.  This is achieved with a variety of Conversation Flows that are designed to collect information from a lead or client.  These details are automatically emailed to the agent for follow-up.  Every successful chatbot conversation magnifies the total amount of time that has been saved for the agent.

What makes Realty Chatbot so powerful is that it solves the immediate need of the potential lead.  When a lead feels that their needs are being taken care, even by a chatbot, they are much more likely to move on to other tasks instead of looking for other agents.

Realty Chatbot has launched with the following chatbot conversation flows available as of today:

  • Buyers – (1.) Request a Showing & (2.) Provide Search Criteria
  • Sellers – What’s My Home Worth?
  • Referrals – Refer a Friend!
  • Commercial – Commercial Real Estate Needs
  • Renters – Rental Needs & Budget

Another focus of the company has been ensuring their chatbot can automatically generate referrals by asking for them at ideal times.  Being able to automatically respond to new leads within seconds and generate new referrals at the same time is a game-changer for agents.

This is especially true for agents who don’t specialize in certain property types.  For example, agents who don’t offer commercial real estate or property management services can simply refer these leads out.

Designed by Agents, for Agents

Even more interesting, is that the main bot and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) logic that powers was created by an actual real estate agent.  This is an important distinction for the product: it was built by someone with 10+ years of buyer and seller experience.

As a result, this very well may be the most effective real estate chatbot in existence.

New Features and Abilities Coming Soon

When it comes to revolutionizing the real estate industry with chatbots, is just getting started.  New chat features, conversation flows, and machine-learning abilities are being developed to ensure remains the top real estate chatbot on the market.

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